Located at the centre of Riyadh city, the site represents a great opportunity for the urban development of this great city.

The complexity of the site presented a challenge to the masterplan due to existing public roads which have resulted in dividing the site into different plots. The proposed strategy aims at creating attracting nodes along the main roads and which will serve as commercial platforms for visitors and neighbouring communities. A central commercial node will act as a platform solely for the residential entity of the masterplan. Residential communities are designed to cater to local Saudi culture by means of privacy and way of life. This has resulted in carefully designed neighbourhoods around lush, green gardens and water bodies.

The design composition is heavily influenced by strong diagonal visual axis towards Riyadh’s newly established CBD. The integration of the masterplan within its urban fabric will lead to the success of this new neighbourhood that will set an example for future developments.

Clients Al Anwa Holdings
Type Masterplan / Mixed Use
Area 3,400,000 m²
Scope Master Planning
Status Concept Design
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